Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

What Is An Electrostatic Air Filter?

If you are tired of having to buy new air filters for your home or business every month an electrostatic air filter may be just what you need. The air inside your home or office contains particles which act as carriers for bacteria, viruses and other harmful pollutants. Reducing the pollutants can not only have a positive effect on your indoor air quality, but it could save you money on the maintenance of your HVAC (heating/cooling) equipment as well.

An electrostatic air filter is designed to trap unwanted air pollutants as they pass through your home or business HVAC system. These filters are the exact size as standard furnace filters. Unlike the cheap cardboard and poor design of a standard filter an electrostatic filter consists of five layers of filter media designed to offer high efficiency filtration.

Two layers are specially woven black polypropylene material. One layer is flexible polyurethane foam. Two additional layers are specially woven white polypropylene material. The media is then held in place by a rigid heavy duty aluminum channel with a welded wire cloth on the front and the back.

The combination of these layers forces the air to pass through creating a static charge which causes the media to attract and hold the nasty airborne particles. The polyurethane foam is manufactured to such a density that it is capable of capturing particles as little as.3 microns (1 micron = 0.0001 centimeter).

Additional advantages of an electrostatic air filter include a high dust weight resistance, low air flow resistance, no ozone is produced, no electrical power is required and all this while saving on HVAC maintenance costs.

The end result will trap up to 92% of the dust, pollen, mold spores, and animal dander that circulate in the HVAC system. While there are different brands the Steamatic electrostatic air filter rank among the top performing electrostatic filters on the market. These Air Filters require minimal maintenance by washing every 30 to 45 days. In order to work properly though you really do have to clean them. To remove oily, greasy or smoky deposits, it may be necessary to spray the filter with a good household detergent. If a detergent is needed make sure to rinse the filter well.

The filters are available in custom sizes to fit any unit, and also come with a lifetime guarantee. You will never have to buy another replacement filter again.

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