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Using TAT to Heal Allergies and Sensitivities

Although people are genetically more or less predisposed to allergy (those whose parents suffer allergies are more likely to suffer from them), all allergies and sensitivities have specific and identifiable causes. Sometimes these causes are simple to identify and resolve, but when they are complex and multiple resolving them can involve intricate work.

When I help people to resolve their allergy or sensitivity the work may include

healing emotional stress from past experiences;
addressing the particular experiences that have contributed to the allergy or sensitivity;
using kinesiology to balance the body; and
helping the body to recognize the allergen or object of sensitivity as harmless.
Often I will employ a method called Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), created by Tapas Fleming, an acupuncturist. She created the technique originally to heal allergy, but quickly discovered it had many other uses too.

TAT is very simple to use for yourself and is very effective in healing allergies and sensitivities. I recommend that you try TAT for yourself on any allergies and sensitivities that you have - there's no risk of harm and you have nothing to lose. The following application is my own and may not be recognized or approved by Tapas Fleming.

(1) Focus on one allergen (IMPORTANT: do not do this if there is any danger of anaphylaxis; if in doubt, seek medical advice) or a substance you're sensitive to, and notice how your body reacts to it. You will probably experience a mild reaction.

(2) Tell your body that you're now ready for the allergy or sensitivity to heal, and you'd like your body to help you to achieve this.

(3) Hold three points on your face, the TAT pose, as follows. (a) With your dominant hand, place the tips of ring finger and thumb lightly at the sides of your nose just next to the inside corners of your eyes; apply the slightest pressure very gently upwards, towards your eyebrows. (b) Place your middle finger lightly midway between your eyebrows.

(4) Place the palm of your other hand lightly over the lower part of the back of your head (your occiput). As far as you can, relax your arm muscles.

(5) Don't be in your head; just be with the physical feelings and the thought of the allergen or substance you're sensitive to and be aware of your responses. Stay in the TAT pose.

(6) Acknowledge whatever comes up, happens, or changes - whether feelings or memories, or anything else. Don't try to do anything; just be with it and observe.

(7) Let your body know that all of this is now ready to heal, and it's healing now.

(8) When you feel you've had enough, or when you feel something has shifted or changed you can release the TAT pose.

(9) Focus again on the allergen or substance and notice how you now feel. If something has changed but you're still uncomfortable, hold the TAT pose some more, focusing on the discomfort. If you don't get any adverse reaction, you can test it in the real world.

This may well heal the allergy or sensitivity, or at least make it more comfortable. Most allergies and sensitivities can be healed, but you may need the help of a good kinesiologist.

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