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What an Allergy Is and What Causes Reactions

When you think of the word allergy, many images may come to mind. You may picture someone with swollen watery eyes, a runny nose, and excessive sneezing. These are indeed all symptoms of reactions. And you've probably heard of all the over the counter medicines that claim to relieve these symptoms. Sufferers of these conditions might react to environmental effects such as pollen or insect bites. Other people may react to certain foods. Today you will learn exactly what allergic reactions are, how they are caused, and the best way to get treatment. That way your sensitivities and discomfort can be under control.

So, you may be wondering how reactions actually work. An allergy is basically a disorder of the immune system causing odd reactions to various environmental elements. This condition in individuals is caused when the body develops antibodies against an element that it has been exposed to many times before. Elements that cause these reactions are known as allergens. When an allergic reaction occurs, this means that an allergen has attached to proteins on certain cells. These cells discharge the chemicals that cause the symptoms.

Allergic problems usually run in families and it is a mystery why some people suffer from this condition while others don't. But there are many different types of hypersensitivities. Some you may be quite familiar with. Hay fever is a very common type of reaction. Hay fever is basically caused by pollens and particles. The symptoms of course can be sneezing, sinus problems, and swollen eyes. But there are many other types of allergies besides hay fever. Others include hives, insect sting reactions, nut reactions, drug reactions, and mold responses as well. There are a variety of allergic responses that can be triggered by different foods. It all depends on the individual.

Most allergy types have a specific over the counter medicine that can be purchased at a drug store. But some reactions are more dangerous. When this happens it is best to get the proper treatment and learn of the best ways of prevention. There are specialists known as allergists that can handle these situations. Allergic responses are very common in America. Most people have suffered at some point. This is why allergists are necessary. A specialist can tell the patient of ways to steer clear of allergens. For severe reactions the allergist can prescribe medications. There are also shots available for those who need relief. There is also therapy. Undergoing therapy doses will mean less need for prescription medications.

Now that you know all about how allergies work you might be able to identify the cause of all of your symptoms. If your reactions are uncomfortable or severe you can see a specialist as soon as possible. There are ways to lessen and relieve the symptoms so that they don't interfere with your daily life. If the pills, tablets, and lotions that you currently use are not offering much help, you can upgrade to some treatments that are specifically designed for your particular needs. Help is available.

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