Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012

A Chocolate Allergy

Nowadays, an allergy to chocolate is one of the most popular events not only in children but also in adults. But we all love so tasty and sweet product as chocolate. What to do in this situation?

It should be noted that an allergy to chocolate is not just a rash but also discomfort. This is a serious stress for the whole body and especially to the liver. As for the cocoa, it is not a typical allergen causing allergies in humans only in very rare cases. But the various ingredients that accompany the cocoa in chocolate can quite affect the well-being and health. Such foods include: sugar, nuts, milk protein, soy, and others.

In addition, poor sanitation at chocolates homeland can also be allergenic factor. This fact is not surprising at all, because the cocoa beans are very fond of the local cockroaches. Of course, insects are always destroyed, but chitin may remain in the grains.

Manufacturers try as hard as possible to reduce the use of pure chocolates due to the constant rise in prices for cocoa products, continually diluting it with all sorts of nut fillings. Namely nuts are the most powerful nutritional supplement that can ultimately cause an allergy to chocolate in humans. Another ingredient in chocolate is milk which contains many useful elements. But not every person can safely consume this product because of lactase deficiency. And it can also lead, in its turn, to allergies. There are a lot of chocolate bars includes a variety of fruit supplements: apples, cherries, plums, and others. In fact it is no secret that these ingredients can easily cause an allergic reaction. Soy is also considered one of the most common elements, which is found in chocolate. This additive causes allergic reactions in children from 2 to 3 years.

Nutritionists do not recommend chocolate for children under 5 years old. In most cases, allergies occur after excessive consumption of this product. But namely children like sweet very much and eat it uncontrollably, constantly exposing themselves to this type of allergy. How it is not surprising, but it is quite a normal situation if there was an allergy after eating pounds of chocolate. The body is simply struggling with a huge dose of fats and proteins. If a rash occurs after a small piece of candy, then you should seek medical advice immediately. In this case, can be severe allergy to a particular component of chocolate.

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